“Just wanted to tell you I am very pleased with the amount of money you guys are able to collect. I can’t believe how quickly this has increased my speed of payment….”
Fairbanks Counselor, Client since 2019

“ABS has been wonderful to work with. We are so fortunate to have people we can rely on. We only wish we had found you sooner.”
Anchorage Anesthesiologist, Client since 2012

“You (ABS) have not only helped me, but allowed me to provide the services that I believe are so important to my patients, friends, neighbors and community! I just want to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate the service you provide on such a personal level!”
Anchorage Nurse Practitioner, Client since 2010

“We have no worries with Alaska Billing Services. We know that billing is being handled consistently and correctly. I especially like the personal working relationship between my staff and the staff at ABS. I have referred ABS to others who are thinking about a billing service because of the good work they do and our own positive experience.”
Urgent Care Center, Client since 2001

“ABS staff have been wonderful, helpful, efficient and well-trained. They are always looking out for me, my practice and my business…”
Anchorage Neurologist, Retired (Client 2002-2015 )

“They are always up on codes; saving us money and eliminating errors… What a savings… having a professional service that specializes in correct, fast billing.”
Anchorage Nurse Practitioner, Client since 2005

“ABS is terrific! Working with ABS, we have saved time, space and paperwork. The excellent reports have been especially valuable. They provide a great check and balance for our office and I recommend them highly.”
OB Gyn Practice, Client since 2001

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