Services Guarantee

In addition to our Service Standards, Alaska Billing Services guarantees:

To submit outstanding medical claims daily for quickest turnaround
Billing services include daily payer claim submission to expedite reimbursement. Our target is to submit all claims within 48 hours of receipt.

To conduct daily reviews of Estimates of Benefits (EOB)
A daily review of your EOBs is an essential step in our comprehensive medical claims management services.

To follow up on secondary claims and appeals
Daily follow up using all available steps to ensure you receive maximum allowable reimbursement as rapidly as possible.

To submit error-free claims that are paid the first time
Our goal is to submit 100% “clean” claims (that meet all payer requirements) so that your medical claims are processed and paid the first time.

To analyze claim aging reports daily and take necessary action on all unpaid claims
We know the status of your claims daily and can immediately take necessary action. If there is a denied claim, we will address the reason and resubmit within one business day.

To follow up on 100% of unpaid or rejected claims
We believe you should get paid on every eligible service. For that reason, we take aggressive action on your behalf if you have provided a covered service and a claim is not paid.

To comply with all HIPAA requirements and HHS/OIG guidelines
Our in-depth compliance program exceeds HIPAA requirements and meets HHS recommendations. In addition, we provide our practice partners with assistance in developing and maintaining their own compliance programs.

To strive to achieve a goal of 100% claims payment
Many companies are satisfied with far less. At ABS, our goal is for 100% of claims on all covered services to be paid. Although some may call us perfectionists, we know you wouldn’t want it any other way. To achieve this goal, we work closely with our provider partners to implement continual improvements in service and process in order to increase results.

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