Choosing a Billing Provider

There are a number of factors to be considered in choosing a medical billing and claims company. Some are related to the types of service to be provided and others for the specific needs of your practice. However, they are essential attributes common to the top-performing billing companies.

Qualifications – Displays extensive experience in your specialty; provides references and information about real-world results.

Performance – Shows a consistently high-level of performance in claims collections month after month. Also be sure to ask about service and reporting.

Technology – Possesses advanced technology capabilities and demonstrates implementation of the mandated electronic transaction standards.

Compliance – Demonstrate a strong focus on compliance with a formal plan and strong structure; also offering compliance services to its partners is an enormous advantage.

Reporting – Provides up-to-date financial information online in an easy-to-access format at all times.

ABS consistently exceeds the criteria for highly-effective medical billing companies.

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