When considering whether to outsource medical billing, there are a number of questions commonly asked by healthcare professionals to help in making a decision. Here are a few of those questions.

Won’t I be giving up control if I outsource my billing?
In reality, outsourcing gives a provider more control: you’ll gain support from specialists plus have the confidence that the job is being handled by experts. If you don’t have better financial results and fewer headaches with a billing service, you have the wrong company.

My patients are the life of my practice. How do I know a billing service will treat my patients the way my staff would?
Look for a company, such as ABS, that has trained and experienced service specialists dedicated to patients’ account questions. Whether it is understanding about a deductible or the ramifications of going out of network, ABS professionals are committed to helping your patients understand the information and options they need to pay their bill.

I’m busy. How can I avoid calling a lot of different people to get an answer?
ABS will dedicate a lead and a support team, experienced in your specialty, to your practice. This means you know exactly who to call and can reach a real person at any time during business hours. We promise. Not all billing companies can.

Why would I need help to set up a practice management system or EMR/EHR?
There are many good practice management and EMR systems on the market. A practice can own and maintain its own hardware and software successfully if it has the personal desire and a committed team to make it happen. With an outside expert such as ABS, practices receive the benefit of their research and continuing education, as well as direct access to advanced technology, supported by implementation specialists, without the risk of owning and managing the platform.

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